Disney Official Licensed 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles Choice of 7 Cartoon Designs

Disney Official Licensed 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles Choice of 7 Cartoon Designs

Disney Official Licensed 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles Choice of 7 Cartoon Designs
BRAND NEW & SEALED "Wonderful puzzles to suit young & old". 100% the genuine article from the King Disney range and have been fully endorsed by Disney. Each large size 1000 piece puzzle measures. 48cm x 67cms (18.9 x 26.4 inches). Choose from any of the following: DISNEY MAD TEA CUPS RIDE This is a wonderful jigsaw featuring all the beloved Disney characters as they enjoy a day out at the fair on the spinning tea cups.

With bright colours and many detailed elements, this 1000 piece puzzle is a pleasure to assemble. Perfect for older children who enjoy a challenge, this lovely image will surely brighten their day. The vividly coloured cups are spinning on the stage to the delight of the riders and spectators. Aurora Cinderella and Snow White share a pink cup while Jasmine and Aladdin have one to themselves as the Genie floats over them.

Mickey and Minnie sit in a blue cup with a very happy Pluto. Beautiful Japanese lanterns hang above the stage while in the background thatched houses and circus tents are built among the trees. Though it has a high count of pieces the image is not as difficult to assemble as it may seem, as all the cups are a different shade and the characters have a distinct look. From the wonderful Disney collection by King, this lovely illustration depicts a unique art gallery opening.

Set in a majestic castle, all the beloved characters have come to admire their portraits and those of their friends. With 1000 beautifully coloured pieces, this jigsaw puzzle is perfect for older children who enjoy a fun challenge. Aurora Ariel and Cinderella stand in the centre of the room, joined by Pinocchio, while Snow White rests on a chair.

The three Good Fairies from Sleeping Beauty fly into the corridor where Mickey is excited and points to a painting. Even Cruella de Vil has come, though she stands in a corner keeping her hands on her fur coat. Tinkerbelle leaves a trail of magic dust as she flies to take a closer look at her portrait while Jasmine and Minnie gaze at the paintings.

This is a captivating image to piece together and you will no doubt have, a lot of fun finding all the characters in the scene. A wonderful illustration that will make you smile. For older children or adults who love Disney characters, this 1000 piece jigsaw is a joy to assemble and to admire as a completed picture. With vivid colours and numerous and detailed elements, this puzzle will keep you entertained for hours. You can have a family night where everyone can contribute with a different section. Set in a lovely tea room, the illustration depicts all the beloved characters having a great time as they drink a cup of tea and eat some cake. Even Hook is present, holding a mug of hot chocolate, and Cruella de Vil is seen smiling. Kaa is coiled around a pillar and he has failed in his attempt to hypnotise the three Good Fairies that have sent a spell back at him.

Mickey dunks a doughnut in his mug while Cinderella has some brownies on her plate. These are just a few of the many charming details, and you will have a great time finding them all. A charming addition to the Disney series from King, this illustration depicts a very special day at Disneyland.

All the beloved characters take advantage of a closed for tourists day and they enjoy the wonders the park has to offer. With vivid colours and numerous detailed elements, this image is a pleasure to contemplate. Though it has a higher piece count of 1000, older children will no doubt have a lot of fun taking this fascinating challenge and recreate their favourite characters. The tram has stopped to let Ariel out while a few Dalmatians are not ready to get off.

The Aristocrats are having a street party accompanied by jazz music while Mickey is the leader of a march band. The blue Genie glides over the scene and is joined by Peter Pan and Tinkerbell while Dumbo uses a balloon to help him fly. In the distance the castle is painted in lilac and white. This is a wonderful puzzle that will brighten any day. A lovely addition to the Disney series from King, this beautifully coloured illustration is full of characters and action.

With 1000 pieces, this puzzle is challenging and fascinating to assemble. For older children or adults that love Disney stories, this jigsaw will brighten any day.

The theatre is packed and everyone is having a marvellous time. All the princesses are present and they dance on the stage twirling in their beautiful dresses.

Mickey acts as the conductor for the orchestra while Baloo sings on a trumpet. In the audience a few Dalmatians watch the show with the Beast and the blue Genie. The fairy godmothers from Sleeping Beauty fly above the stage along with Tinkerbell and her friends.

These are just a fraction of the many characters painted in the illustration and you will no doubt have a lot of fun finding them all as you piece together the puzzle. Children will surely want to display the completed image. DISNEY HOLIDAY ON ICE Disney Holiday on Ice is a charming 1000 piece jigsaw manufactured by King. It features all the popular and much loved Disney characters in a beautifully drawn illustration.

With numerous characters and vivid colours, this image succeeds in taking you back to your favourite tales from Disney. Dancing in the centre are the well known couples of Beauty and the Beast and Cinderella with her Prince, while Aladdin and Jasmine look on from a balcony. Dumbo glides through the air and Marie from the Aristocats slips on the ice.

Mulan, Peter Pan and Hook are just another few of the rest of the numerous characters having a party. The vivid colours of the illustration make this a fun puzzle to complete.

For parents and children alike, this jigsaw is a fascinating trip down childhood lane. You can discover many hidden details as you assemble the puzzle and maybe even play a game to see who spots the most characters in the shortest amount of time.

DISNEY FIREWORKS The very latest addition to the King Disney range, this vivacious puzzle features all of your favourite Disney Movie Characters such as Mickey & Minnie mouse, Donald Duck, Peter Pan, Dumbo and Winnie the Pooh. Today, the Disney family are having another party. Mickey is leading the band as they parade around the garden playing their happy music. The beautiful Cinderella and her stunning friends are merrily dancing and holding colourful balloons as hundreds of their friends look on.

Overhead, the sky is filled with a stunning display of fireworks making this the most colourful and detailed of all the puzzles in the Disney range. And Thanks For Looking Today. We aim to get your order to you as FAST AS POSSIBLE! If paying by cheque or eCheque we will send when your cheque clears. Should your item be defective we will replace the item/part upon it's return.

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Disney Official Licensed 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles Choice of 7 Cartoon Designs

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